Summer Storms

Well this past weekend I was traveling around a bit. I spent the Memorial Day weekend in northwestern Indiana visiting friends. We traveled to Chicago and hung around at his house. Sunday his family threw him a graduation party as well a birthday part for his two brothers. Later in the night, there were some storms off in the distance producing powerful lightning. As we know from previous posts I love trying to shoot lightning.

But I didn’t have my tripod. Luckily the Liebbe’s had one they let me borrow and so I trekked out into the yard and tried my best. Nothing turned out great, couldn’t get the camera focused in real well but I liked how this one turned out and decided to post it. Not bad for a borrowed tripod and a 70 second exposure (Bulb setting at f/8, 1600 ISO).

This weekend Ashley is taking me on a surprise mini-vacation. I’ve been told that I will get to take lots of good pictures so here’s hoping I come back with something to share.


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