A Weekend in St. Louis

I just got back from Ashley’s surprise vacation for us and it turns out it was to St. Louis to visit my brother Max! He graciously allowed Ash and I to stay at his apartment with him for the weekend and he even showed us around town and treated us to dinner one night and a Cardinals game the next!

Any trip to St. Louis is not complete without visiting the famed Gateway Arch. My brother, a resident of the St. Louis area for more than a year, had never been there! So we stopped by and Ash and I went to the top (Max opted out of going). It was awesome and only cost $7 because it was National Parks Day or something and they waived the $3 National Parks fee. Although being there on a Saturday in tourist season, it took Ash and I about 20 minutes to get tickets and then it took another hour to do the trip both up and back down the Arch. I took a lot of pictures and I am sure I’ll post some more later but for now I will just post one I took right before we left.

I was trying to get cool angles of the Arch with the clouds and then the DirectTV blimp from the nearby Cardinals game flew by and made for what I thought to be a nice composition. Let me know what you guys think.


One thought on “A Weekend in St. Louis

  1. Really good. Interesting angle too, I don’t think I’ve seen the arch this way but then again I’m not the best at looking around at others’ photos.

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