Exhausting Weekend

It has been too long since I last updated! I have been interning for KPC Media in Fort Wayne which has been keeping me busy and all the stuff I do for them goes to them so I didn’t think I could post any of it.

Since I am still commuting between my internship in Fort Wayne and my home in Muncie, it’s very draining to drive an hour and a half to do an assignment and then drive an hour and a half back home.

Well this weekend has been particularly taxing, I have been covering the Allen County Fair, as well as Pride Fest in Fort Wayne on Saturday. As I was walking around the fair yesterday looking for standard fair photos (people riding rides, showing animals, etc.) I walked through the cow barn. The first thing I saw was this gentleman sleeping. Now I have taken pictures of people laying back with their eyes closed and usually as soon as the shutter snaps they sit up and ask what you’re doing but this guy was out. And since I didn’t want to wake him up just to ask him his name I couldn’t use the picture for the paper. I guess I know his last name but that still isn’t enough.

Anyway, even with all the noise in the barn this guy was so tired he was out. After this weekend I feel the same way!


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