Getting Dirty

So tonight was back to my internship. After having last weekend off and moving into my new place in Auburn, I have been pretty busy but after having a couple down days of not doing anything it was nice to get back into the grind and “get my photography on.”

Tonight I had two assignments, a Farmer’s Market on the outskirts of Fort Wayne in Georgetown (I don’t know if that’s a separate town or just that area or whatever). Then I headed up northeast a little to Harlan, a small town not too far from the Ohio border. Harlan Days is going on this weekend and I was asked to drop in and get some photos and quotes for a little feature. Tonight’s attraction at Harlan Days was the motocross races.I got a few good pics, but this is one that did not get used and so I thought I would share it here.

I like shooting motocross because I can try so many different things: pans, airborne shots, and like this one, ones with dirt flying everywhere. It’s hard to get close to the action without getting sprayed with mud or dirt but I managed to stay clean tonight. This is Heath Bryan navigating a turn during one of the races, he finished first in it.


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