Car Crazy

I love cars. I love looking at them, reading about them, driving them and especially taking pictures of them. This weekend is the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Festival which I may be covering in some of my spare time in addition to my usual weekly assignments from my internship.

A big part of the festival weekend is the Fall Collector Car Auction that goes on. This year it is being run by RM Auctions for the first time. This weekend, over a thousand cars will go across the block and be hammered down to new owners. Wednesday was preview day at the park, when the public could go and walk through the massive auction park and look at the cars that are up for bid as well as check out the swap meet, memorabilia auction and the car corral that featured many classic cars that were not going to be auctioned off over the weekend.

Naturally, I had to go in and check it all out. It was quite the event and I took nearly two and a half hours to get through everything that there was to see today and I would say that it was all only about halfway set up! I am hoping to find time to get back some time in the next few days and check out the auction and all the other cars and things to see.

This picture is of a hood ornament that was on a huge racing car that looked to be from the pre-war era. I have no idea what the make is or anything but it has to be the creepiest looking hood ornament I have ever seen.


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