We Should Never Forget

Today I was assigned to go to a traveling Vietnam War memorial that is in the area for the weekend. It was the opening ceremony for it and it was quite emotional. I just finished taking an online class about the Vietnam War and I found it to be completely fascinating and heartbreaking. The war was highly politicized and polarizing. Even comparing today’s wars to Vietnam, the controversy around Vietnam was way worse during the 1960s and ’70s.

One of the worst things though, to me, is that the veterans of the Vietnam War were often treated poorly and were neglected when they came home. In a way they were punished for the doing of policymakers who sent them in the first place. That is why things like The Wall That Heals are so important. We need to keep our younger generations like myself educated about it and not ignore it. It is amazing to be able to meet veterans and give them the thank you they may not have gotten right away. I think it is great that this wall is at a high school in Leo.
The picture itself is of  Leo student going to place a white carnation in front of a local casualty’s name. There were over 100 names read at the ceremony of casualties from Northeastern Indiana.


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