Something Different

Last week I read a site with tips for street photography, or how to “shoot from the hip.” I’m sorry I can’t find the post in order to share with you my faithful reader, but basically it gave suggestions on how to get good street photo pictures. Today I was asked to cover a parade that was a part of the Dekalb County Fair. I know, this is awful late to have a county fair, and it is, but it’s the traditional for this county which is pretty cool.

Anyway, after the parade was over I wandered through the fair and put my camera on my side and tried to snap candid moments. I took about 70 pictures and called it quits. I think I need a little more practice at it, but I did get some shots I like. Here are the ones I like. I’m no Scott Strazzante or Henri Cartier-Bresson but it was fun and something I’ll be trying again in the future.


4 thoughts on “Something Different

  1. That’s a pretty good idea, I never really thought of that. What kind of lens were you using? I think you’d want to pick something with a locked focal length so that you didn’t have to worry with zooming in or anything.

    1. I used my wide angle. That was one of the tips, use something wide so there is a better chance for a frame and a better background. Obviously, the idea is that by having the camera at your side people won’t notice it and therefore you get better “candid” moments. It’s hard though because it was late evening and I kept looking down to see if I was under or overexposing.

  2. This must have brought back memories of your time as a game carny! These photos are REALLY good – I like the couple looking up at the possible toys to win the best and then the basketball huckster. Not bad for the first try at Street Photo

  3. Why are they all in black and white? you need a camera with color, I got an old disposable that has color technologies, I’ve only taken 3 pictures, I’ll sell it to you for 20 bucks, for 25 bucks I will let you keep the negatives for my 3 pictures, they are of me and my beautiful golden labrador and we’re naked. This is a no brainer!

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