The Waiting Game

So today marked the end of my college career. I turned in my final internship stuff and walked off campus a graduate. It’s all-but-official I suppose, as I still must wait for my diploma, which may take a while to arrive. Anyway, I drove an hour and a half down to Muncie and after the 10 minute meeting I needed to have I was free. I had plans to meet up with one of my best friends but he was in class until 4:45. How can I kill 4 and a half hours?

Take pictures of course!! I decided to grab some pictures of campus I had in mind for a long time but never got around to actually taking. I went to the Letterman Building and sat in the lobby. I had always wanted to get a picture of Shafer Tower through the big window with a person silhouetted. So I sat and waited. Soon enough I noticed a guy sit down up there to eat his lunch and I made my shots. While I was waiting I noticed that the exposed staircases could make for interesting compositions as well. Finally, I made two pictures while shooting from my lap. The last one was made on the MITS bus after Bobby and I went out shooting later in the day. It was nice to go back to Ball State, this time as a graduate, and not a student!


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