Greatest Hits – 2010

This falls into that “well if everyone else is doing it…” category that seems to lead to lots of various lists and surveys that get posted on the Web. As the year winds down there are lots of ‘Best Images of the Year’ slideshows going around and I figured I would join in the fun. So here are some of my favorite unpublished images of the past year. I think, photographically, I had a pretty good year and I hope to use 2011 to get better.

I have accepted an internship with the Quad City Times (IA/IL) for 6 months. I’ll be moving down there next week and hopefully I can use this opportunity to get better and take a lot more photos. With that in mind I’ll close with a picture of the bridge between Davenport, IA and Rock Island, IL.

The above picture is from my visit to St. Louis with Ashley. We went to the Gateway Arch and the blimp from the nearby Cardinals game made for a nice picture. Below is a picture of a seagull from my spring break trip to Florida with Ashley, a picture of a jaguar at the St. Louis Zoo, Shafer Tower on Ball State’s campus, a picture of downtown Merrill during last week’s snowstorm and finally, the bridge picture mentioned above. Looking through my photos reminded me just how much I have traveled in the last year!


One thought on “Greatest Hits – 2010

  1. I love these. I can’t wait until we have our own place someday to hang up your work in. :] I had so much fun traveling around with you to a lot of these places and can’t wait to go to many more! Love you.

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