Flash Bomb

(© Quad-City Times, 2011)

I am just finishing up my first full week at the Quad-City Times and so far the experience has been great! Fun assignments that have been both challenging and rewarding. I don’t feel like I’m hitting my stride yet but I think I am getting closer and closer each and every day. Hopefully the boss feels the same way!

Anyway, one of the biggest challenges I’ve found so far is working with flashes more than I have at any other job I’ve held. It’s new experience that as I work with more I’ll get more and more comfortable with and eventually it’ll be a strength but for now it’s something I’m working at getting better with.

These photos have come out of the learning curve that comes with flash. While setting up the lights and trying to balance them (as well as just trying to get multiple flashes to sync with my camera) I get results like this. I think the photos look cool but they don’t really work for newsprint.

All photos in this post are © Quad-City Times, 2011.

© Quad-City Times, 2011


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