My last 36 hours has been pretty crazy, work-wise. I came in yesterday and there wasn’t much to do, as we were just waiting for the snowstorm of the century to hit. Then a fire call came over the scanner and off I went to a fire over in Rock Island, Ill.

My first fire call since I’ve been at the QCT and what a weird one it was. There were several pets in the building who had to be rescued and then one of the residents of the house was arrested after yelling at a police officer on the scene.

After all that excitement, I’ve just spent the last working day trekking around Davenport looking for weather photos. If I have to photograph another guy shoveling his sidewalk or someone brushing off their car it will be too soon! Here are some of the photos from the last day that I like the best.

All images © Quad-City Times, 2011


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