Home for the Holidays

I had one of those “right place, right time” experiences today. I was in Middlebury covering their elementary school’s pilgrimage to the Middlebury Food Bank, where 700 students carried bags of groceries down to the food pantry and then go back to school and sing Christmas carols. While I was walking back to the school from the food bank, a man in a mustard costume (long story I can’t even get into THAT) pointed out that his son-in-law just got home from Iraq and was surprising his three kids a little ways up. He hadn’t seen his kids since June. Well I turned and walked in that direction and as you can see from above, I stumbled upon just the right moment.

Being right around Christmas and all, and with the recent end of the Iraq War, it all seemed just right. Sgt. Keith Price and his family was nice enough to give me their information for publication in Friday’s Goshen News. It was clearly an emotional moment and I was just lucky enough to be there. I hope that they have a wonderful Christmas together, far too many of our troops won’t be home for it, if they come home at all. Let’s not forget that this holiday season!

The moment made me think of a post I did earlier this year as well as Sal Veder’s Pulitzer-Prize winning 1973 photograph A Burst of Joy. This photo has as much in common with those as it does dissimilarities but I thought it was a photo worth sharing.


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