Burn, Splash, Bang

130404 GC Prairie Burn 05I actually prefer doing one-assignment-themed type posts to doing a post of a bunch of recent assignment work but I never seem to have time to get all my stuff together until much later. As it has been far, far too long since I last posted, I will do an eclectic post of recent work. The first two photos come from a controlled burn of prairie areas at Goshen College. Next you’ll see the result of a drunk driver who found himself submerged in the millrace canal in Goshen. He was fine, but the officer and the tow truck driver were only slightly amused. Then it’s a picture of a vacant building that collapsed in a wind storm and then I’ll close with a happier picture of a kid reaching for candy dropped from a fire truck during an Easter Egg Hunt and “candy drop” at a local church on Easter Sunday.

130404 GC Prairie Burn 13130328 Car in Millrace 06_edited-1130408 Building Collapse 03_edited-1130331 Grace Egg Hunt 08_edited-1


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