If These Walls Could Talk…

130506 Old Elk Co Jail 19_edited-1

I had the opportunity earlier this month to explore the old Elkhart County Jail for The Goshen News’ “Hidden Places” series. The jail facility became obsolete when the new facility opened in 2007. Since then it has sat empty on Third Street across from the Elkhart County Courthouse. A gun range in the basement is still used in the winter months and the rest of the building is used for training K-9 and tactical teams. One of the other training exercises that made the building even creepier than it was (since it was dark, dirty and used to house a lot of bad people), is the blood splatter training, where red paint would be caked all over walls and the floor.

I enjoy exploring abandoned buildings and seeing evidence of what was once there and seeing the decay that’s happened since they were left. The jail has seen plenty of decay; once overcrowded, many cells have been ripped apart so that their doors, sinks or urinals could be reused in other facilities.

130506 Old Elk Co Jail 01_edited-1130506 Old Elk Co Jail 09_edited-1130506 Old Elk Co Jail 03_edited-1130506 Old Elk Co Jail 18_edited-1130506 Old Elk Co Jail 23_edited-1130506 Old Elk Co Jail 17_edited-1


2 thoughts on “If These Walls Could Talk…

    1. Not incredibly difficult. If you email me I can give you the contact. I don’t know if they would let you in if you just asked them compared to if you were working with some kind of organization (Like I had the in because it was for the newspaper).

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