Jamaica: The Beach

Jamaica 02Yesterday I returned from my honeymoon in Negril, Jamaica. It was a wonderful time with my new wife, Ashley and we had fun lounging on the beach and in the pool. While I was away from the office and work, I did take my camera out and shoot some photos along the beach at the resort. Expect another post in the next few days of photos I took on the drive back to the airport. The beach, which is public, had its share of vendors and hawkers, each selling something legitimate (jet ski rides, hats, purses) and something else (“Jamaican smoke” or other such slang). There was also a beach bonfire one night, after which Ash and I walked along the moonlit beach and I snapped a photo of the full moon (Handheld at 1/4 second at ISO 6400). We also took a glass bottom boat tour and watched the sunset on the beach. Overall, a great trip and check back for more photos.

Jamaica 01Jamaica 07Jamaica 06Jamaica 04Jamaica 03Jamaica 05


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