Jamaica: The Streets

Jamaica Street 02

Yesterday I posted photos I took while on the beach at the resort on my honeymoon. I promised more photos and today I deliver part two. These are all photos I took out of the window of our airport shuttle from our resort in Negril to the Montego Bay Airport. I ask if you are critiquing to take it easy on me because I know these photos aren’t the sharpest, best composed (or even straight) or have the best contrast, but they were all taken by leaning over my very patient wife, pressing the camera right up against the window of the bus and shooting blindly into the sun while the shuttle scooted along anywhere between 25 and 45 mph. Given those poor excuses, I think I did all right. I hope you think so too.

Jamaica seems like a very interesting country, lots of posh resorts and lots of poverty. A lot of people told Ashley and I not to venture off the resort but I think if I ever went back I would. The people are friendly and while there are definitely a lot of poor places I’m not sure I would feel entirely unsafe walking down the average Jamaican street. Maybe I’m just naive, though. I love their little shops and how brightly colored almost everything is painted. I’m a sucker for advertising and the little shops and stores offered plenty of colorful and interesting artwork. Here are a few of my favorite “street” photos.

Jamaica Street 07Jamaica Street 06Jamaic Street 01Jamaica Street 04Jamaica Street 03Jamaica Street 05


2 thoughts on “Jamaica: The Streets

  1. Sam, you can’t even tell you were shooting through a window or moving! It is interesting the car parts shop doesn’t have any cars in the parking lot, unlike here where there is almost always at least one car on the lot.

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