Breaking News with a Phone

GN140214 milford fire 06

Last week I had to drive my wife to work because her car was in the shop. This meant getting up earlier than usual, throwing on some decent clothes and driving her down to Warsaw from our apartment in Goshen.

On Thursday morning as we came into Milford, one of the small towns between Goshen and Warsaw we saw a large fire being battled right off the road we take. After I dropped her off at work I headed back to the fire scene to capture what I could and tweeted most of the information out for the paper.

The problem was that I did not have my DSLR in my car so I was stuck with my iPhone as my camera. I considered, briefly, running home and grabbing my gear and going back but I decided that I did not have enough time so I decided to just use my iPhone instead.

It worked out better than I would have thought and I think I was able to capture the scene and the action pretty well considering. Unfortunately, the blaze took the lives of two people and destroyed a business. For more on the fire you can read the story here.

GN140214 milford fire 07GN140214 milford fire 04GN140214 milford fire 02IMG_2702IMG_2697


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