Left Behind

left behind 05

Here in the Midwest we’ve endured the worst winter in recent memory. In fact it was nearly as bad as the winters of 1977 and ’78, widely considered the worst of the last century.

Snow, long snaps and more snow made for a frustratingly-long winter that seemed like it was never going to end. In fact, it still feels like winter is trying to hold on for dear life as temperatures continue to struggle to hit 50 degrees with any sort of consistency.

The winter was hard on everyone and almost everything. Now that the snow is all but gone it’s time to step back and see what winter left behind.

I cruised around and took some photos of the things the snow revealed once it was gone. Items that somehow ended up on roadsides over the course of the winter. How did they get there? I don’t know. Maybe they were left there last fall and got pushed into a snowbank. Maybe they were left behind during a snowstorm or just got lost. However they got there, that’s where they are now.

left behind 09left behind 01left behind 03left behind 07


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