Scenes from an abandoned building

GN140423 hawks building 07

Regular viewers of my work here will know that I am fascinated by abandoned things. Whether it’s buildings, roadside debris or old cars, I find items that were discarded full of mystery and intrigue. Why was the item left there? What was it’s purpose at one time? What’s left behind?

I was at the former Hawks Furniture building in Goshen today for a different assignment when I snapped these two photos. The first is a plywood backboard basketball hoop left on the third floor of the building. The building has had various occupants dating back to the 1880s but I wonder why the hoop was put up there? Was it in the break room and allowed workers to use their lunch hour for games of “H-O-R-S-E” or “21?”

Who knows. The other photo I just took looking out an opening in the side of the building. The building is in the process of being renovated into apartment and workspace for artists. The inside was recently power-washed and the puddle made for a nice reflector.

GN140423 hawks building 01


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