All’s Fairs in July

GN140710 kosciusko county fair 09

As a community photojournalist the seasons aren’t marked by what seasonal calendars but rather by which events you’re photographing. From August to June its high school sports season, then it’s graduation season and as the calendar turns to July in the Midwest, it’s fair season.

That great American Midwest tradition of the county fair. It’s a piece of Americana and something that has a long tradition in the summer months. I’ve been around the county fair as long as I can remember whether it was going as a patron when I was kid, working them as a carnie in high school or shooting them for work.

This week I visited two of the local fairs around here: Kosciusko County and LaGrange County 4-H fairs. A week from today, though, the Elkhart County 4-H Fair starts which will consume just about every second of my working life. There will be plenty of pictures from that to come, I hope. In the meantime, here are some of the better photos I got.

GN140709 lagrange fair 05GN140709 lagrange fair 11_1GN140709 lagrange fair 10GN140710 kosciusko county fair 12


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