A Real Barn Burner

GN141023 barn fire 20I went out to a fire on Wednesday, north of town. I don’t get out to a ton of spot news situations but this week has had a lot of spot news for me. There was a serious car crash Wednesday morning and then this barn fire Wednesday afternoon and then another fire yesterday.

Fortunately, in both the fires no one was injured. The barn was used for storage and contained a few cars but no people or animals. Since it was a less-intense fire scene I shot it in a more feature-ish way than usual.

One moment in particular caught my eye: 10-year-old Troy Cutter was with his father, an Elkhart firefighter, when they saw the smoke from the barn fighter and decided to check it out. Cutter’s father assisted the Jefferson and Concord Township firefighters on scene while he sat on the truck and watched all the action. He helped the guys roll up their hoses and get the gear on their trucks. It was a nice moment at an otherwise unfortunate event.

GN141023 barn fire 03GN141023 barn fire 10GN141023 barn fire 15GN141023 barn fire 23_1


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